executive mappingWe are renowned for our expertise in Executive Mapping – a powerful business intelligence tool which helps us to provide our clients with a distinct competitive advantage. In short we build a detailed understanding of the people populations and talent pools that exists within competitor and non-competitor businesses presenting the information in a structured and concise way allowing much more considered business decisions to be made in relation to: –

  • Executive Succession Planning;
  • Executive Talent Benchmarking (inside & outside the sector);
  • Helping business to identify the skills and experience to more quickly and effectively change and transform;
  • Assist with the development and launch of new products or entry into new markets;
  • Conducting the required level of people & performance due diligence to underpin M&A activity.

As a pro-active recruitment tool Executive Mapping typically works best to support a future business objective or perceived future need.  In addition, It can also be applied to support challenging Executive Search assignments where a systematic evaluation of the landscape is required to deliver greater choice.