Agents for talent is a personal and exclusive service offered to a select number of Director and C-Suite professionals typically through a referral process. By acting exclusively for a cadre of qualified Senior Executives intent on planning their next career move we are able to help our clients to grow and achieve great things through immediate access to a portfolio of outstanding talent. Our approach is designed to support this unique group by working closely to define future goals and proactively engineering exploratory conversations with organisations that seek out high achievers for Director and Non-Executive Director posts. Our aim is to meet specific personal objectives which could include securing full-time paid employment, progress to CEO level, a move into a brand new sector/function or the development of a portfolio career.

This service delivers a distinct competitive advantage to the individuals we represent by understanding and defining goals and opening doors to help you achieve them. For our current clients it provides immediate introductions to high achieving, senior business professionals on an on-going basis in line with the future aims and objectives of their respective businesses.

NB: Agents for Talent operates exclusively through the headhunting process or by referral and does not accept unsolicited materials of any kind. Any such materials will be returned or destroyed at the agency’s discretion.

Our process is based on a commitment to exclusive representation for an agreed period and involves:

  • A diagnosis of current career journey;
  • Future career guidance & planning;
  • CV & Interview preparation;
  • Executive coaching;
  • PR support.